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Garage door came crashing down one day while my kids were playing in the garage- an absolute NIGHTMARE for parents. This story could have gone terribly wrong but thanks to god it didn't. I called Pro Line Garage Doors to come out who were right by my house and had a 100% customer satisfaction rate. They came on time and figured out it had a frayed cable which caused the door to act like a roller coaster! They repaired it in about 2 hours and my garage door is safe again!

Jordan M

Cupertino, CA

Tracy L

Cupertino, CA
We had a cracked metal panel that was severely damaged. David and his team came out and replaced it the same day. Great service.
Friendly staff, quality repair, and most importantly, they cared. I will be referring them to my friends and family.

Mary P

Cupertino, CA


Garage Door Repair and Install in Cupertino, CA
Do you live in Cupertino? If you do, then we would like to tell you about the great garage door and opener services that we can offer you. Here are some facts that you should know today about Pro Line Garage Doors.

Do you often waffle when making decisions? We can assist you with finding a high quality garage door that will suit your preferences. A few of the types of garage doors that we can install for your home or business include: custom, wooden, fiberglass, vinyl, steel, carriage house, contemporary, traditional and wood composite.

Do you think that a picture is worth 1,000 words? Our employees will meet with you and will allow you to access our visualization software. With this software you will see exactly what one of the garage doors that we offer will look like on your garage. There is no better gift than knowing what you are paying for before you order it. We can also help you create a custom door if you decide that this is the direction that you would like to take your installation in.

We sell and install brand name garage doors from some of the best garage door makers. A few of their names are: Midland, Home Depot. Amarr Garage Doors, Lowes, C.H.I, Clopay, Northwest Door, Delden and Raynor. What is in a name? There is a lot of intricacies that go into building garage doors. Our experts can help you make solid consumer related decisions so that you have a quality garage door installed from us.

Pro Line Garage Doors puts you first because if you are paying for a service, you should be treated like royalty. We want you to feel as though you are getting help from a close friend or family member. We are not in the business of overselling you items that you do not need. When you are shopping for a garage door, we give you various brochures and materials so that you can become more informed about the world of garage doors and openers. When you call us, know that you have chosen the best garage door company out there.

The Repairs That We Can Do for You
Pro Line Garage Doors has built its reputation on the quality repair jobs that have been performed. When you come to us, we want you to know that we take you seriously. Cupertino has over 58,000 people and we want to make sure that each household or business is 100% satisfied with our repair services. We offer many repairs for garage door components. A list of them are as follows: adjusting garage door cables, replacing door remote batteries, weather stripping, installing new weather seal, repairing garage door tracks, installing insulation, repairing brackets, painting the garage door, programming door remotes, installing handles. replacing door panels, repairing opener remotes, troubleshooting opener issues, repairing extension springs, installing ventilation, replacing wheels and rollers, fixing door jams, adjusting door frames, fixing braces, installing molding and replacing springs.

One great additional service that we offer is inspections. You may think your garage door is running fine, but there may be more to the story. This is why annual maintenance is a service that we happily look forward to giving our customers. If you have an inspection done and the garage door, opener, remote or other part fails, then we can work with you to try to come up with a strategic plan to fix all of the problems in a timely manner.

What should you get as a home or business owner from us? We offer you same day service and we will come to you when we are called. You never wait on Pro Line Garage Doors because we rush to the scene of every job regardless of the size of it. The teams that we have are top notch because they yearn to improve how well they perform for each client that they take on. We know that offering the best customer service around will yield us positive word of mouth referrals from many individuals in the city.

We know that you will want to get started on your repair job ASAP which is where our same day service becomes vital. We do also offer emergency services as well. This is great for people in the city because it allows you to have local garage door repair services performed regardless of the time of day or night. Pro Line is here for you and you never have to worry about not having someone pick up your phone calls, because we always do the first time.

Cupertino’s Weather and the Garage Door You Own: The summers are dry and temperatures are about 82 degrees in Cupertino and the winters are incredibly damp and wet with an average temperature of 40 to 50 degrees. The climate is one in which you could experience a few issues due to the excessive rain fall and how dry the temperatures can get because this can create moisture. Another potential issue is when a garage door becomes loud and makes irritating noises once it is activated. If you have this or any type of malfunction then please give us a call because you should not have to cope with this irritating noise for a minute longer.

There are many great neighborhoods in Cupertino that we can provide our services to. Some of these include: Monta Vista, Rancho Rinconada, Amulet Place/ Amulet Drive, Bolinger Road/ S Blaney Ave, Bubb Road/ Mcclellan Road, and Kirwin Lane/Lanna Lane.

We offer services to the following zip codes: 95014 and 95015.

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