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Is your garage door giving you problems? Many homeowners like you have garage doors that give them a lot of hassles to deal with on a daily basis. We often hear complaints from our clients about loud garage doors, garage doors that do not open at all and parts that do not work the way that they should. A garage door often has issues that require a repair or a replacement of some of its parts. We at Pro Line Garage Doors can help you diagnose what is wrong with your particular model of garage door so that you can get it patched up and like new once again. Here are some basic facts that you should know today about garage door repairs and replacements.

Garage Door Keypads

Each garage door has a keypad that allows you to input your assigned code so that your garage door can be opened. If you are suddenly being locked out of your own garage, then you might be experiencing a garage door keypad failure. The keypad has wires in it that can get knocked out of place. The best way to handle this common problem is to take off the keypad’s cover and then put the wires back if they are not in their correct places. At this time, you should also look for any frayed wires. If your keypad wires are frayed then they have to be replaced which can require a new keypad. If you cannot repair the keypad, then we can give the repair a try or replace it for you so that your door’s keypad is functioning well once again.


What does a strut do for my garage door? The function of it is to help the door smoothly rise and lower. Struts often need to be replaced because your garage door stretches them often. A residential strut is at the top of the garage door and has a width of two inches. The entire length is measured in feet because your garage door’s length is an exact match for the strut. Because you have to replace the strut which is quite long, we suggest that you allow us to complete the repair. Commercial struts usually are much harder to replace as most commercial and large doors have three of them.


A garage door shaft is a metal bar that is necessary to keep torsion in balance. You can find the metal shaft because it is placed high above your garage door. If there is corrosion or shearing on the shaft then this signals that a replacement is necessary. The repair job is intricate because of the torsion that is involved. You will have to take out the garage door’s cable drums, hardware and cables to get access to the shaft so that it can be repaired. We can complete this job for you. Dealing with springs and tension can be very difficult and dangerous to do. We know how to protect ourselves so that the shaft can be safely removed and a new one installed in its proper place.


If your garage door sounds horrible then the coupling might need a repair job performed on it. You might be wondering where the couplings are on the garage door? Well, couplings can be found on the back of the rail for your garage door opener.

Couplers are a part that help to move the necessary screw that is placed to raise and lower your garage door. The first thing you need to do for this type of repair is to make sure that your garage door opener is in the off position. After this, you need to take the garage door opener rail and remove the screws. This will allow you to safely take out the coupling. The final step to do is to take the replacement coupling and put it in so that the screws can be tightened to secure everything in its place.
An inspection of the coupling is an important part of the repair. You will also want to make sure that the screw that works with the coupler looks in good shape too. If you do not maintain your door then the repairs that you are going to need to perform are going to be more involved.


If you own a commercial garage door then you will be able to see your slats on the outside of the door. These are metal bars and they bind together in a locked position so that the door can efficiently roll up and down. The slats work to go up and down within the tracks of the garage door itself. You will have to remove the steel slats with a power saw which is incredibly dangerous to do. The repair job takes skill and expertise so consider leaving it to the professionals because we have the equipment and tools to safely take out your door slats and replace them very quickly.


Your garage door remote might give you trouble because as time ticks by it can be plagued by issues. The remote is important for your door usage because it uses a radio frequency to communicate to the garage door opener receiver. Dead batteries are the death of remotes all the time. Try getting a spare set of your remote model’s batteries and putting them in the back of the remote. If your remote once again can raise and lower the door, then your fix has been successful.

A second issue that might be causing your remote to not function is an issue with the garage door’s safety eyes. These eyes can become misaligned which would impede with your remote working to open your garage door. Check these eyes which are near the end of your garage door. Try making them become aligned again so that the remote can work. If these two fixes do not yield any positive results, then consider replacing the remote. Water, corrosion, or other issues can cause the remote to become broken or unusable. We can help you find a remote that will work for your particular model of garage door opener.


Your garage door logic board acts the same way that your brain does to control your body’s systems. The logic board has a control panel that can malfunction at times. This can leave your garage door in a precarious state. Before you attempt to inspect your board, you need to have the power to the opener off.

The light cover and lens need to be taken out as the first step of the repair process. Next, go to your control panel and examine all of the wires. Third, you need to remove the screws that are located in the control panel. This helps you to get to the logic board so that you can access it for removal. The wires and mounting screws will need to be taken out so that you can remove the logic board and then replace it with a brand new one. After the new board is in, you can adjust the wires and screw back in the mounting screws.


Your garage door gears are required so that they can work with the door’s chain so that the door can go up and down when the remote triggers it to do so. If the chain has encountered a situation where it has become too tight then you will see gears that are worn down. You will need to begin the process by taking the chain off.

You will need to take out the screws as well. After this, you need to find the helical gear and take out the pin. The gears and washers also have to be taken out because this will allow you the room to be able to install the new gears. If you have the gears in place, then you can put the chain back in place, tighten up the screws and check your work to ensure that the gears are working in correlation with the chain like they are supposed to.


Your torsion spring shaft contains your garage door drums. These parts are located on your door’s rollers and you need them to lift your door properly so that it can open and close when you want it to. The drums are durable, but they also have to deal with the cables being wrapped around them all the time. When your drums start to wear down, your door will become much slower. The best way to repair a drum is to replace it so that the wear can be stopped.

Bearing Plates

Many people do not know what a bearing plate is or what is does. A bearing plate is in charge of activating the bars that make the garage door raise and lower. Garage doors contain three of these plates and your bearing plates need to be watched carefully for signs that they might be corroding because of stress. The weight of the garage door bears down very hard on the bearing plates. This means that if they are not replaced then the bears will not be controlled properly which can take the whole door down.


Your overhead door likely has what is referred to as a leaf spring bumper. How does a bumper help my garage door work? It acts with the help of the torsion system to give the cables a sufficient amount of tension. Each time your garage door falls to the floor suddenly, the bumper has to absorb the impact which increases your odds of a bumper failure occurring.

Your leaf spring bumper can protect your garage door colliding with the back of the door’s track. A push down bumper is on several types of garage doors. How does the bumper work? This bumper stops a door in its tracks which prevents an awful situation from unfolding before your eyes. This type of bumper has rubber on it so that the item can have the stamina to protect the door and people who might be around it at the time.

Corrosion and damage are possibilities for the causes of a bumper problem. With a bumper replacement, you really need to consider hiring an expert. The torsion system uses not only gravity, but springs and cables as well that can become very wound up which means that they can exert a lot of pressure when touched.

Spring Repair

Your garage door springs can become broken or corroded due to wear and tear. This fix is not one that we would recommend that you try because of the force that you will be dealing with then lifting up the door. We can easily replace the springs so that the torsion is properly working so that the door can be lifted up and down once again.

Opener Repair

Your garage door opener can often fail due to parts with the motor or the remote not being able to activate it. We can perform a series of diagnostic tests on your garage door and examine the motor head and parts for any possible malfunctions. We do also offer replacement services if the opener cannot be repaired.

Bent, Misaligned and Broken Tracks

The tracks on your garage door have to be in proper working order or the door will not lift up and down correctly. The tracks undergo a great deal of wear and tear. We will first open the door and see how it functions on the tracks. If there is an issue with the tracks being bent, broken or misaligned then we will replace them for you.

Cable Replacement

The cables on your garage door can break, become loose and even fray due to wear and tear. This is a huge safety issue for your garage door as a broken cable can cause the door to stop working. We can quickly replace the cables for you and get your door back into the best shape possible.

Broken or Bent Rollers

Your garage door rollers can become bent or broken because of the fact that the door has to roll up each time that it is raised or lowered. If a roller is not functioning properly then you cannot have a door that is balanced properly. This can make the entire door become misaligned. The rollers should be checked after they are replaced to ensure that they can yet again work to roll the garage door up properly.

Loose or Broken Hinges

Loose or broken hinges can be a safety issue for your garage door. The hinges have to support the weight of the door which is hundreds of pounds. If your hinges are loose, but still are safe to operate then we can tighten them up for you. If you have a broken door hinge, then we will safely remove it and place a brand new one in its spot.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

If your trolley carriage is not working to open the garage door, then it can be in your best interest to replace it. We can begin by locating the trolley carriage and checking to see if it is broken. The carriage will still move, but if the door will not raise and lower then this means that a replacement is needed. We take the carriage and get it away from the trolley itself so that we can disconnect the header bracket from the rail so that we can take off the existing trolley to complete the replacement.

Broken Sensor Eye

Your garage door sensor eye might not be functioning the right way if your door’s remote is flashing and does not work right. The sensor wires that are in your sensor eye could be disconnected or broken. Shorted out wires can also cause the sensor eye to fail. We can examine the sensor eye closely to see what the issue is. If the wires are disconnected, then we can set them right again. If they are broken or shorted out, then the entire sensor eye will need to be replaced which takes less than one hour to complete.

Emergency Services

Emergency repair services are an important facet of our garage door business. We are available for emergency repair services 24/7 every single day of the year. We understand that life can throw you a curveball at any time. We at Pro Line Garage Doors step up to the plate every time to handle your emergencies.

Same Day Service

Same day service is one guarantee that you have from us at Pro Line Garage Doors. We will complete your repair the same day and within your time frame. We will give you our word that we will not only provide great service, but that your garage door will be in superior shape when we leave.

Section or Panel Replacement

Sections and panels of your garage door can become damaged because of collisions in which a car, bike, skateboard or other item hits the door. It is important to repair or replace the panels because if they are not working properly then the entire door can bend or break when it is lifted off of the ground and folded up once again.

Weather Seal Replacement

Your weather seal may need to be replaced if it keeps coming off of the bottom of your garage door. The weather seal helps to keep cold air and water away from the interior of the garage. The constant lifting and shutting of the garage door can cause the weather seal to come off.

We recommend that you replace your weather seal every two to three years as a form of preventative garage door maintenance. You can often overlook an issue with your weather seal until it is too late and water gets into the garage which can cause damage to occur. We can bring the correct weather seal with us and apply it with caulking to ensure that it is properly applied to your garage door.

Safety Eye Adjustment

Your safety eyes have to be in alignment so that they can work to open the door. Your remote will look to the safety eyes to turn on. Obstructions can cause the door to not raise and lower. If your safety eyes are dirty, broken or cannot communicate with your garage door, then we can come out and complete the repair for you. This is a straightforward repair that we perform all the time. It is relatively inexpensive and can make a huge difference in how well your garage door operates.

Before trying to tackle any garage door repair, you should consider the pros and cons. We offer our customers great same day service. If you try to tackle a garage door repair and have issues, then you may incur more expenses later on to try to rectify the situation. There is also danger involved when trying to repair a heavy garage door.

When a door is broken, it can often act erratically. This can threaten the health and safety of those that are in close proximity to the garage door that is being worked on. We can help you find the lowest priced replacement parts for your garage door. We also charge competitive rates for our repair services.

We do not want you to risk getting hurt to try to save money. You deserve to not only have your garage door in tip top shape, but to also be able to save money at the same time. When you hire us for your repair job, we take it as an act of kindness. You entrust us with your garage door and in return we give it back to you so that it is fully mended with high quality replacement parts that will ensure that the door can safely function. If you need a repair job performed then look no further than Pro Line Garage Doors today!